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4 Tips for Choosing an Excellent Easter Plant Gift

Easter is a great time to send the gift of growing plants and fresh flowers to your friends and family members. Many wonderful kinds of plants are available at your local florist, and each one is beautiful and unique. Here are some tips for picking the perfect Easter plant:

  1. Symbolic Plants
    Consider the meaning of the plant you are sending for an extra personal touch. Easter lilies, peace lilies, and palms have religious symbolism, making them great gifts for pastors, church leaders, or family members with a deep spiritual connection to the holiday. Lilies in general are symbolic of hope, peace, purity, and innocence, and are universally recognized as appropriate flowers for Easter gifts.
  2. Practical Plants
    You may want to consider an Easter plant gift basket that will keep on giving long after the holiday. Herbs not only make beautiful gifts for your loved ones, but can also be used to spice up their favorite dishes for months (and possibly years) to come. Some great herbs to give as gifts at Easter include mint, thyme, sage, and rosemary.
  3. Outdoor Plants
    If the recipient of your gift loves to garden, send a plant that can be grown outside, like an azalea. Azaleas are beautiful gifts that herald the spring blooming season and can be planted outside to continue growing and thriving for years to come. In some areas, palm or bonsai trees can also be planted outside.
  4. Colorful Plants
    Decide if you want to send a plant that blooms with stunning color. Gardenias, lavender, kalanchoe, and cyclamen all have amazing flowers that will bring a splash of spring color to your gift. You can even find some bonsai plants that bloom, giving your loved one the best of both worlds—color and greenery.

At Connells Maple Lee Flowers & Gifts, we have beautiful Easter plants that are perfect for giving this holiday. Call us at (614) 808-1693 to order your flowers or Easter plants today.

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