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A Look at the DIY Wedding Flower Option

Flowers are a huge aspect to consider when you are planning your wedding. For some brides, wedding flowers have DIY potential. If you have a hands-on personality, you, together with the help of the florists at Connells Maple Lee Flowers & Gifts, can create your own fabulous wedding flowers. If you’re interested in creating your own wedding masterpieces, consider:
Consulting with a Florist
If you want your flowers to be fresh, radiant, and beautiful, order your flowers from Connells Maple Lee Flowers & Gifts. This way, you’ll have fresh flowers, but you will still be able to maintain the ability to arrange them yourself. Moreover, you’ll also have the expertise of our florists to draw from as you consider your flower choices.
Signing Up for a Wedding Flower Design Class
A great way to combine your desire for DIY wedding flowers and your desire for beautiful, professional results is to take our Pre-Wedding Design Class. Learning how to make bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces before your big day can give you the confidence to arrange your flowers exactly how you desire.
Booking a DIY Floral Studio
When you’re ready to get started on your wedding flowers, you can take advantage of the commercial coolers, floral tools and boxes, and the workspace here at Connells Maple Lee Flowers & Gifts. This can save you money while ensuring that your flowers will be safely and properly stored before your wedding. With this option, you can have fun creating your wedding flower arrangements with your bridal party and family. A florist will be with you to help guide your designs, giving you confidence that you’ll have professional quality flowers that you’ll be proud of on your wedding day.
At Connells Maple Lee Flowers & Gifts, we can help you have the beautiful wedding flowers you want. We can guide you as you create your own floral arrangements, or we can take care of all of the floral details for your big day. To learn more about your options for your wedding flowers, call us at (614) 808-1693.

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