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What Your Choice of Wedding Flowers Says About You

For many women, their wedding days are the most important and special days of their lives. Therefore, incorporating your personal style into your wedding flowers is of the utmost importance for achieving a perfect day. The types, colors, and design of your wedding flowers all reflect who you are as a person:

  • Types of Wedding Flowers
    Roses are a mainstay of traditional wedding flowers and can hint at a personality that appreciates romance, simplicity, elegance, and beauty. Calla lilies, orchids, and gardenias reflect a sophisticated, elegant, and modern taste. Sunflowers, marigolds, and tulips show an appreciation of nature. Tropical floral blooms, such as bromeliads, or non-traditional blooms, like spider mums, can reflect a whimsical taste.
  • Colors of Wedding Flowers
    Reds, oranges, pinks, and other bold colors say that you want to make a statement that will last. Subtle tones of pastels work well with a storybook-type wedding. Earth tones, while popular for autumn weddings, are also perfect for natural brides any time of the year.
  • Design of Wedding Flowers
    Wedding flowers can be hand-tied or carefully arranged. Consider tying bouquets with twine for a natural or simplistic look, or use elegant ribbon and accents for an elegant theme. At your wedding reception, use small, unique containers or wooden baskets for natural weddings, or go all out with tall, ornate vases for a whimsical or fairytale personality.

The beauty of wedding flowers is that you can make them whatever you want to be in order to reflect your own unique style. Contact us at Connells Maple Lee Flowers & Gifts at (614) 808-1693 to order your wedding flowers. We have the right flowers to fit your personality, style, and vision, whether you’re having a small country wedding or a large ballroom ceremony.

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