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Why You Should Consider Having Foliage in Your Home

You don’t have to have a green thumb to keep some wonderful houseplants healthy and flourishing indoors. There are a large number of beautiful flowers and plants that do great with filtered light and occasional watering, such as the philodendron, a lovely plant with beautiful heart-shaped leaves. There are many great reasons to keep foliage in your home, including:
Improve Indoor Air Quality
Indoor plants do wonders for the air in your home—they release oxygen to improve the quality and help rid the air of carbon dioxide. In fact, certain houseplants are useful for purifying the air of certain common household pollutants as well; for example, English ivy, gerbera daisies, pot mums, peace lilies, and bamboo palms are excellent for air that contains trichloroethylene, a chemical found in paint, varnish, and ink. For air with formaldehyde, which is found in particle board and foam insulation, mother-in-law’s tongue, dracaena warneckii, peace lilies, dracaena marginata, golden pathos, and green spider plants can help to keep your air clean.
Brighten Up Your Décor  
Coming home to a house with lush, colorful plants can turn your home into a natural oasis that encourages serenity and relaxation. Bamboo is a great addition to a spa-inspired home, and vine plants are an excellent choice if you are looking to give your home a traditional interior design.
Feel a Sense of Pride
Taking care of plants can fill you with a sense of satisfaction at helping a living thing thrive in your environment. It’s also a great way to teach children responsibility. If you want to start small with your children, give them a cactus or a hearty plant that can thrive without daily watering.
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