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Five Valentine’s Day options for $40 or less

You can put a price on love.
No matter what your budget, Connells Maple Lee has a Valentine’s Day option for you.
Rainbow rose bouquet
Let’s get to the heart of the matter with five options for below $50 each:
1. Single rose: $5; perfect to give to a son or daughter, or for them to give to Mom
2. Flower handful: $5 to $10; consider something less traditional such as tulips
3. Single rose with bear: $15 to $18; another great option for children
4. Mixed bunch: $15 to $20; easily dropped in a vase — and most of us have vases at home
5. Dozen rainbow roses (photo): $40; great value on mixed-color roses in a vase
As an added bonus, we’re offering an incentive to encourage customers to have their Valentine’s Day orders delivered by Feb. 13: The recipient will get a coupon for a free dozen-rose bouquet.

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