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Keep cooped-up children busy with free Connells Maple Lee Kids Club activity pages

The coronavirus pandemic already is altering our lives in ways that would have seemed unimaginable just weeks ago.
Instead of going to school, participating in sports or visiting friends, children will be home. And while nothing is better than having the whole family together, it can lead to stressful moments.
Keeping the kids busy is important. The Connells Maple Lee Kids Club can help.
We have a bunch of activity pages that can be downloaded for free from our website.
Children can:

  • Give a Connells Maple Lee delivery truck a fresh look
  • Decorate the exterior of a Connells Maple Lee store for spring
  • Test their sense of direction in a flower maze
  • Challenge their reading skills with a word find

What’s more, we’d love to share some of the completed work on our social media pages. Just take a photo of the page(s) and email them to
We know these are challenging times, but we’ll get through them together. In the meantime, we hope everyone stays healthy and productive.
We look forward to seeing you in person at a future Connells Maple Lee Kids Club event.

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