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4 Tips for Keeping Your Beautiful Flowers Alive Longer

Fresh cut flowers bring the beauty of nature right inside your home and have a way of brightening up any room. As wonderful as it would be for these lovely blooms to last forever, they can’t. However, if you follow these tips, they can last for one or two weeks, if not more:
1. Provide Water
Fresh cut flowers must have water in order to survive. Keep an eye on the water level in the arrangement and never allow it to fall below the end of the stems. It’s a good idea to change the water to fresh, clean water every other day or so.
When you do change the water, be sure to re-cut the stems at an angle approximately half an inch or an inch up. Doing so will get rid of any air bubbles that would inhibit the stem from taking up water properly. Be sure you place the flowers back in water immediately after cutting so that no more air is able to enter the stem.
2. Provide Food
You can get fresh flower food in the form of floral preservatives directly from your florist. Dissolve the preservative in the water you add to your arrangements, and you’ll help your flowers last longer.
3. Provide Light
Flowers need light to survive. Natural sunlight is best; however, you should avoid placing cut flowers in direct sunlight. Flowers should not be placed directly in a window, as the greenhouse effect from the glass will cause them to become too hot.
4. Provide the Right Environment
Keep your flowers as cool as possible, preferably between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep them out of drafts and away from electronic devices that can generate heat. Finally, avoid placing fresh flowers in close proximity to fruit, as fruit emits a gas that is harmful to flowers.
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