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The Benefits of Using a Local Florist Instead of a National Florist

Anytime you need flowers, a qualified florist is the person you need to see. While it might seem easy and convenient to just order your flowers online, doing so can cause you to lose out on the amazing benefits of ordering locally. Many local florists do have websites that allow you to order directly from them, but it’s important to be sure that the website is not a national flower service. Benefits of ordering local include:
• Having a personal point of contact. Keeping your business local ensures you that you can speak to someone about your order, whether it’s to check the status of your order or to make changes to it. Ordering from a national florist makes it very difficult to speak to someone in person, and if you do, you’ll likely get a different person every time you call.
• Getting the most out of your money. When you order flowers locally, you’ll not only have the opportunity to aid your local economy through small business support, but you’ll also keep your tax dollars in the county and state in which you live. Moreover, you won’t have to pay outrageous handling fees for the convenience of ordering online, which means you get more flowers for less money.
• Seeing your flowers in person. When you order online, you have no guarantee that the picture of the flowers you order is actually what you will be sending. Ordering local gives you the opportunity to stop by the shop and see exactly what you’re paying for. Most national florists forward your order to a local shop anyway, so it’s best to go straight to the source from the beginning and avoid the confusion and headache that could result from online orders.
Connells Maple Lee Flowers & Gifts is here to be your trusted local florist. Give us a call at (614) 808-1693 today to learn firsthand about the amazing benefits of ordering flowers locally. We also offer wedding flowers, gift baskets, and flowers for all occasions.

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